In June 2018, House Bill 1677 was enacted requiring the use of regional brokers for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) to coordinate services, stripping it from local transit agencies. A Request for Applications (RFA) went out and a decision could come at any time.

What is MATP?

The Medical Assistance Transportation Program, or MATP, is one of the services offered through COLTS’ Shared Ride Division.

COLTS also handles mileage reimbursement and bus fare reimbursement under MATP.

Pennsylvania currently provides more than 11 million trips annually under the MATP program and maintains the fifth lowest average cost per trip in the nation.

COLTS provided 48,638 MATP trips to about 22,000 clients in the 2017-18 Fiscal Year. Medical Assistance trips comprise 30% of COLTS Shared Ride ridership.

The domino effect of MATP privatization at COLTS:

  • Trips cut for senior citizens who rely on the van service
  • Increased fares for Persons with Disabilities
  • Layoffs in Shared Ride division
  • Fixed Route subsidizing Shared Ride
  • Less operating money on Fixed Route side
  • Route cuts on Fixed Route side
  • Layoffs in Fixed Route division

  • The privatization of MATP will have a catastrophic domino effect on ALL public transportation in Lackawanna County!

    What YOU can do:

    Call Governor Wolf’s office at (717) 787-2500 and ask that the DHS award of RFA 28-18 for privatized MATP brokerage be stopped.

    Contact your legislators and ask them to support House Bill 986 and Senate Bill 390:
    Sen. John Blake (PA-22): 570-207-2881
    Rep. Marty Flynn (PA-113): 570-342-4348
    Rep. Kyle Mullins (PA-112): 570-383-9795
    Rep. Mike Carroll (PA-118): 570-655-4883
    Rep. Bridget Malloy Kosierowski (PA-114): 570-562-2350

    Call Health Committee Chair Kathy Rapp at (717) 787-1367 and ask her to allow HB 390 to move through the process for full consideration.