FREE RIDES all day June 21 on all routes for
Dump the Pump!

Dump the Pump Day is a national event for public transit agencies all across the country to promote public transportation as an environmentally friendly and affordable way to travel. Dump the Pump was started in 2006 when gas prices were at $3 or more a gallon.

COLTS is proud to take part in Dump the Pump for its 10th consecutive year. We will offer free rides on all our bus routes all day long on Thursday, June 21, 2018. There are many ways to “Dump the Pump” – you can ride the bus, walk, ride a bike, or carpool. We hope that you will take advantage of free rides on June 21 and give public transportation a chance.

Save Your Money, Save Your World:
Riding the bus saves you money.

The cost of a gallon of gas (on average) is once again at $3 or more. A one-way bus ride costs $1.75 and a Day Pass, which can be purchased on the bus, is $4. Using COLTS is a convenient travel option that helps you save money.  

Riding the bus helps the environment.
You can reduce your daily carbon footprint by 20 pounds (or 4,800 pounds annually) by riding the bus. Our newest buses utilize compressed natural gas, or CNG — the cleanest of all fuels.

Fuel Savings Calculator Carbon Savings Calculator


Information compiled from American Public Transportation Association, National Safety Council, and COLTS.

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