Hybrid Buses

COLTS has 13 diesel-electric hybrid buses.

Hybrid buses are 35 percent more fuel efficient than conventional diesel buses. They run on a combination of electric batteries and clean diesel fuel. Hybrid buses use less fuel because their engines shut down when they come to a stop. As that happens, braking energy is converted into electricity that is stored in the buses’ batteries, which are located on top of the vehicles.

Hybrid technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions, providing a cleaner public transportation alternative and reducing our carbon footprint.

Hybrid technology also decreases America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Hybrid buses reduce noise pollution, providing a smoother, quieter ride, enhancing the experience for COLTS passengers and the surrounding community.

Compressed Natural Gas

COLTS is hoping to invest in Compressed Natural Gas buses in the near future.

CNG is a cleaner, more efficient fuel than gasoline or diesel fuel. CNG emits fewer pollutants and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

 COLTS hybrid buses