Medical Assistance Tranpsortation Program (MATP)

If you are a Medical Assistance recipient, you may be eligible to get help with transportation to and from medical appointments and care.

The Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) is a transportation service available to Medical Assistance consumers in Lackawanna County. MATP is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

MATP can help you get to medical care or services from a Medical Assistance Provider by providing transportation or mileage reimbursement.

You cannot use MATP:

*If you need emergency ambulance transportation

*For non-medical trips, such as for grocery shopping or for social activities

*To obtain medical care that is not covered by Medical Assistance

Medical Transportation Options:

Depending on where you are going, what your needs are, and the cost involved, we could provide you with transportation in one of the following ways:

*Public fixed route bus (ticket would be sent in advance of your appointment)

*Shared Ride Van

*Lift-equipped vans



Mileage Reimbursement: If you have a car available, or if you know someone who has a car and who can take you to your medical appointment, we will provide you mileage reimbursement if it is the most cost-effective, most appropriate service available. We will also reimburse you for your actual parking expenses and tolls if you provide receipts showing how much you paid.

If you want to claim mileage reimbursement for a trip, you must tell us in advance. For the current mileage reimbursement form, click here: Mileage Form. (the mileage form is already linked on the site)

We will send you a form to fill out to tell us how far you traveled and whether you had any parking or toll costs.

MATP is required to provide clients with the least expensive, most appropriate transportation available to meet their needs. You can call (570) 963-6482 or TTY (570) 963-6484 for more information.