What is myStop®?

myStop® is powered by GPS technology and is accessible by smartphone (both iPhone and Android), tablet, or desktop.  myStop® allows you -- the rider -- to be in charge of your transit needs by providing on-the-go real-time information. Use myStop® to pinpoint every bus’s exact location, view departure times, plan your trip, and set e-mail or text alerts for bus departure and service announcements.

Get REAL TIME bus departures four different ways through myStop®: routes, stops, trip planning, and alerts.  

myStop® Smart Phone APP

There's a free myStop® app available
for your Android phone or iPhone. 

Just download by cicking on one of the links here > > >

myStop® on your desktop

Click here to find your route and your stop online and get real time bus departures.

Google Trip Planner

When you’re in myStop®, scroll down to “TRIP PLANNER,”
listed under the Routes on the left side of your screen.

Google Trip Planner tells you what bus to take! Just enter your origin and destination
(“from address” and “to address”) and let us plan your trip for you.

Google Trip Planner gives you personal options, such as shortest walking distance
or least amount of transfers.

Google Trip Planner is on the myStop® page under the Trip Planner tab
on the left side of your screen.

Coming Soon:

COLTS will soon be replacing all of its bus stop signs. Each of our bus stops will be assigned a number called a “Stop ID” which will be used for finding out where your bus is via text or phone.

myStop® via text
Text "CT" and your bus stop number to 321123. 
(For example: if you are at Stop 789, text CT789 to 321123.)
myStop® by phone
Whether you're at home or standing at the bus stop, just dial 570-207-5055 and follow the prompts.

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