Onboard Policies

Smoking is not permitted on any COLTS bus. Anyone in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the bus.

Open food or beverage containers are not allowed on COLTS buses.

Children should be taken out of their strollers prior to boarding the bus. Strollers should be folded up if possible and moved out of the aisle so the walkway is not impeded.

Packages should be stored under the seat in front of you.

Please use headphones with all Ipods, radios, other hand-held media players, and video games.

Service animals who aid people with disabilities are allowed on COLTS buses as long as they are on a leash and do not take up a seat. A service animal is an animal trained individually to work or to perform tasks for an individual with a disability. All COLTS drivers are permitted to ask 1) "Is that a service animal?" 2) "What tasks have the animal been trained to perfom?"
Small pets are allowed on COLTS buses in carriers, but the carrier should not take up a seat or obstruct the aisle.

All COLTS riders are asked to accommodate people who need courtesy seating. If the bus is crowded, we ask that you please offer your seat to someone who needs it more. By law, the front seats of the bus are reserved for senior citizens and people with disabilities. It is OK to use these seats as long as no one else needs them. If you see an elderly person or a person with a disability, please offer him or her your seat.

COLTS has bicycle racks on the fronts of all its full-sized buses. Each bike rack holds two bikes and is easy for customers to use. COLTS worked with Lackawanna County’s Department of Arts and Culture to install bicycle racks at various bus shelters throughout the county to help reduce the number of cars on our roads and promote environmentally friendly transportation options. Whether you bike to work, for fitness, or just for fun, you will be able get where you want to go without using a car. Just think: you will be able to cycle to work and take the bus home if you’d like!