Minor route changes to
five bus routes will take
effect on July 2, 2018

The changes that COLTS will implement will ensure
more customer-friendly and on-time service.

The minor route changes will also ensure better connections
for our riders.

#43 Viewmont/Bangor:

#43 Viewmont/Bangor will use 6th Ave. on outbound trips. The #43 will
service Redner’s Market on both the inbound and outbound trips.

#41 High Works:

#41 High Works will run in a loop. Buses that leave the LTC on even hours will
service Allied Services fi rst via Brick and Theodore. Buses that leave LTC on
odd hours will service Gerrity’s at Keyser Oak fi rst via Oak Street. The #41 will
service Dickson Ave. (which is now a time point on the schedule) eight times
daily on weekdays and 11 times on Saturdays. Some times were changed on
the schedules for more efficiency.

#25 Valley View/Hilltop and #28 Pittston:

#25 Valley View/Hilltop and #28 Pittston will use Spruce St. to Franklin
Ave. (instead of Wyoming Ave.) on the inbound trips. PA CareerLink and
Northeastern Eye Institute will now be serviced by COLTS on these routes.

#54 Green Ridge/Dickson City:

#54 Green Ridge/Dickson City will use Franklin Ave. (instead of Wyoming Ave.)
on both inbound and outbound trips. The #54 will now provide more direct service to
Gino Merli Veterans’ Center. It will also service PA CareerLink and Northeastern Eye
Institute on the outbound trip.

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