Bicyclists Ride Free This Week!

If you’re riding your bike to work but want to take the bus home, next week you can do it free this week National Bike to Work Week, May 16 through 21. All fixed route buses have bike racks with spots for two bikes.

Every fixed route COLTS bus has an easy-to-use bike rack in the front that can hold two bicycles. Cyclists who want to use the bike racks just need to let the driver know they will be using them.
There are not bike racks on the shared ride vans or subcontracted vehicles that run the #11 Mid Valley Industrial Parks, #46 Mall Circulator, #80 Commerce Loop, #71 Evening City Circle North, and #72 Evening City Circle South routes.

If both bike racks are occupied, the cyclist will have to wait for the next bus, as bikes cannot be transported inside the vehicle.