Transit Driver Appreciation Day

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One of our long-time fixed route passengers wrote in on Facebook.

You know, I retired at the beginning of the pandemic. I took the bus for over 40 years, and while I don’t miss my job, I miss my drivers. I had some great ones over the years.”

–Susan M.

A passenger and member of the COLTS’ Citizens Advisory Committee e-mailed COLTS with her praise and appreciation for COLTS’ drivers.

As someone who can drive but prefers not to, COLTS has allowed me to have an independent life here in the Northeast similar to my previous life in NYC. I'm the biggest supporter of public transportation, especially during these last few difficult years. Our COLTS drivers (Shared and Fixed) risked their lives, during the height of the pandemic, to ensure this city ran as normally as possible and people were able to get to work. As a former New Yorker, it wasn't customary to speak with your driver, but here not only do I engage in conversations with them but I've also learned to know them as men and women beyond the uniform. I've been a passenger of COLTS for over 15 years, serve on the CAC, and can call some of the drivers and other staff members my friends. They are one of the many lifelines of this city and help keep it modern and active. Thank you for all you do!"

–Una David

A Shared Ride client sent in a story about driver Sean Tompkins.

A driver I want to thank is van driver Sean Tompkins. In November, Sean picked me up for an appointment and when he was getting me there he had to pick up someone else when we should have been halfway to my appointment. Once I realized I was going to be very late, I called the doctor and explained the situation; unfortunately, that day the office was closing at noon and I had to reschedule my appointment and ended up staying on Sean’s van for three hours until he had a chance to get me home. The whole time, he kept apologizing and trying to get his schedule fixed to get me home sooner. I told him it wasn’t his fault; he felt so bad he wanted to get me lunch which I kindly declined. Sean was extremely helpful and kind that day, especially when he knew I wasn’t happy I missed my appointment and had to be on the van for that long. I also want to thank all the van drivers and people in the office. Without this service, I would be stuck home with no way to go anywhere."

–Samantha D.