Public Transit Charter Rules

Federal regulations took effect on April 30, 2008 that clearly limit the role of public transit agencies such as COLTS in providing charter service. One of the goals of these restrictions is to allow greater competition in the private sector.

Many organizations and individuals contact COLTS about chartering one of our fixed route vehicles for recreational use, such as weddings, holiday light tours, and parades. Because of the FTA guidelines, COLTS can no longer accommodate those requests.

The potential penalty for violation of these regulations is the loss of all federal funding for COLTS.

Some trips with elected officials and qualified human service organizations may be allowed if certain criteria are met. Elected government officials can request use of a COLTS fixed route vehicle only if they are utilizing it for OFFICIAL government purposes and if they ride the vehicle at the time requested.

If you believe your request meets one of the exceptions, you can contact COLTS at (570) 346-2061.

FTA Charter Guidelines (49 CFR Chapter VI 10-1-10 edition)