ADA Visitor Procedure

A visitor is defined as someone who does not reside in the jurisdiction or the jurisdiction or jurisdictions served by the public entity or other public entities with which it coordinates paratransit service.

Complimentary paratransit service must be provided to ADA eligible individuals who travel outside of the region in which he/she lives.  If an individual has not been certified as eligible by another public entity but can claim that they are ADA paratransit eligible, they are entitled to “presumptive eligibility” and must be provided with 21 days of service.  Individuals that are not certified by another transit agency will be expected to provide documentation from his/her place of residence explaining the nature of his/her disability.  The 21 days of service that a visitor receives must be calculated as any combination of 21 days during any 365 day period beginning with the visitor’s first use of the service.

If a visitor has been granted complimentary paratransit service in his/her home region, the conditions determined by the home transit agency will be followed.  The individual’s home transit agency will be contacted to verify the individual’s conditions.

If the individual claims that they are ADA paratransit eligible but have not been certified by another transit agency, other documentation will need to be reviewed.  Doctor verification will be needed and a physical assessment may be needed to determine the individual’s conditions specific to the COLTS system.  Once the individual provides the proper documentation the individual will be granted “presumptive eligibility” for a period of 21 days.

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