Shared Ride Inclement Weather Policy

Feb. 2018


This policy is to set an operational schedule during inclement weather. COLTS Shared Ride will run on a revised schedule when COLTS Fixed route runs on Snow Emergency Routes.


Upon COLTS Fixed Route going on Snow Emergency Routes, COLTS Shared Ride will assess the weather and conditions and make an informed decision to cancel non-essential trips.


Department management along with Road Supervisor, scheduler and dispatcher, will assess weather conditions and make an informed decision to cancel all non-essential trips, but we will make every attempt to complete medical, dialysis and work-related trips.  If weather conditions change during the course of operation, we, at that time, will make a decision to cancel any non-essential trips that may not have yet occurred but will continue routes to return all clients that have completed the first leg of their trip. If conditions in a specific area deteriorate quicker than others, the driver will inform dispatch of any unsafe conditions and a decision will be made regarding transportation in that area.