Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Help COLTS Celebrate Transit Driver Appreciation Day on Friday, March 18!

COLTS would like to thank

all of our bus and van drivers

who are out representing COLTS

and serving the public every day!

Their hard work and dedication is appreciated.

Please share your favorite driver stories with us at:

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A Shared Ride client posted her appreciation for our drivers on Facebook.

All Shared Ride drivers that I have are all amazing… they go above and beyond to help (and) truly care about their passengers.

They get me to and from work five days a week. THANK all of you… you’re the best!!"

–Annie V.

I would like to give my appreciation to all the Shared Ride (van) drivers. They are the unsung heroes of COLTS. They are on the go all day long and working in all sorts of weather driving clients all around Lackawanna County making sure their clients get to work and to their very important medical appointments and back home again. All the drivers are polite, professional, and courteous. I’ve been using this service since 2014 and it gives me the independence I need to get to work and home again while taking care of a family member. Thank you Shared Ride! Oh and I would also like to give a shout out to the schedulers, dispatch, and CSR for Shared Ride and COLTS."

–sent in by Christine  M.

A passenger on fixed route called to let COLTS know how helpful driver Steve Matassa was during the terrible snowstorm on Saturday, March 12. He calmly talked to and guided passengers during an otherwise scary situation.

He went around to everyone letting them know the buses were stopping and finding them the best way home."

- Evann

A client shared her thoughts about one of our van drivers on Facebook. 

David Gard is an amazing guy, personable, caring and funny!"

- Lori D.

A Shared Ride client submitted an email thanking COLTS drivers and staff for their service.

My name is Brenda B.

I take coordinated transportation and the medical bus.  I also use the service to get to the Blind Association. I don't have a favorite story, but I grateful for them. I've seen them take their time to help visually impaired people, people in wheelchairs, elderly, all types of disabilities.

Their job is demanding and frustrating, it's not easy. There are many names - Sophie, Erin, Dan (2 of them), Mark (2 of them), Aly, Frank, Janet (who does double duty on Saturday), Deb, and many others whose names I can't remember. Thank you for your assistance, conversations, and getting me to and from places safely.”

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