The County of Lackawanna Transit System was formed in October 1972 under the Municipal Authorities Act of 1945.

COLTS was officially certified by the state as a municipal authority in November 1972.

COLTS replaced the Scranton Transit Company, which had provided electric trolley service and bus service for many years.

The nation’s first successful electric streetcar system began service in Scranton in November 1886. It was these electric trolleys that gave the city its nickname, “The Electric City.”


Bus service completely replaced electric streetcars in December 1954.

The original five COLTS board members, appointed by Commissioners Charles Luger, Robert Pettinato, and Edward Zipay, were: Fred Tuckerman, Mrs. James Edmonson, Seymour Hollenberg, Carmine B. Tomaine, and Ernest J. Gazda Sr.
The original base fare to ride a COLTS bus was 35 cents.

Public transportation has a long history in Lackawanna County, and as we keep improving our service to you, we know that it will continue well into the future.