How To Ride

Bus Schedules

Each bus has a route name and number, such as #12 Jessup. The front of each printed schedule shows a list of the major destinations on that route. 

Because of the large number of total stops in our system, only principal locations are listed inside our paper schedules. To find out when you need to wait for the bus, locate the timepoint closest to where you are, and wait for the bus five minutes before the time listed on the schedule.

You can also use the app to see where your bus is and when the next bus is coming.   

Boarding and Fare Payment

Woman paying bus farePlease allow passengers getting off the bus to depart before you board. Please be considerate of those getting on behind you and have your fare ready before boarding the bus.

Passengers should board one person at a time. Please allow riders with disabilities to board the bus first.

Payment for a bus ride is called “fare.” At the front of the bus is a fare box. You can slide your bill and coin(s) into the appropriate slots. If you do not have exact change, you will get a change card from the machine that you can use when you ride the bus again. Remember, drivers do NOT carry change.

If you have a fare card, insert your card into the farebox.

If you need to use more than one route to get to your destination, you should tell the driver you need a transfer. Transfers cost an additional 75 cents.

Exiting the Bus

On each bus, there is a cord that you will pull above the window to alert the driver that you would like to get off the bus at the next stop.

If you don’t know exactly when to get off, tell the driver where you are going and ask him to tell you when the bus arrives there. This will ensure that you get where you want to go! COLTS drivers know where all the stops are.

Please exit the bus one person at a time, allowing seniors and people with disabilities to exit first.

Exiting The Bus