How do I use myStop®?

COLTS’ myStop® Bus Tracker Interface

The free mySTOP® app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Download it, and select “COLTS” to get you to our information.

After opening the myStop® Real Time Bus Tracker, the page will proceed to a screen which is divided into two sections.

The section on the left lists all COLTS’ bus routes with the option to display stops, and the section on the right shows a map of our service area.

You can change the zoom of the map using either the navigation aid in the upper left corner of the map or using the scroll wheel of your computer mouse.

Route Information

To find out information about your bus route, click on your route on the left side of the screen. Once you have selected a route, the map will automatically center on the route itself and highlight where the route travels.

To view a different route, simply click on the “ROUTES” tab in the menu on the left side of the screen to return to the list of COLTS’ bus routes.

On the map, you will see colored bus icons that show the current location of the buses operating on your selected route.

If you click on the one of the colored bus icons, a window will appear that shows the status of the bus (late, on-time, etc.), the last stop passed by the bus, the bus number, the number of passengers on the bus, and the direction the bus is currently operating.

The bottom of the window shows the time the bus’ information was last updated.

Bus Stops

You can find information about your bus stop in two ways: either through using the map or the list of stops on the left of the screen.

If you are using the map, zoom in and you will see small gray circles along the route on the map. Each of these gray circles represents a COLTS’ bus stop. If you click on one of these circles, a window will appear which shows the bus stop name and bus stop number.

The next few scheduled departure times (“SDT”) and estimated departure times (“EDT”) for that stop for the selected route will appear in that window.

If there is a line that says “Scheduled Departures: Other Routes,” you can also expand the window on bottom to show other buses that service the bus stop you are looking at along with their next scheduled times.

You can also select a stop from the list of stops for your route which are listed on the left side of the screen.

Stops are shown in alphabetical order, and not in the order in which they are located along the route. Clicking on a stop in the list will make the map automatically center on that particular stop, and will show the window with upcoming departures from that stop.

mySTOP at the Bus Stop

Each of our bus stop signs is assigned a number called a “Stop ID” that you can use to find out where your bus is via text or phone. Each sign also shows you what route or routes are served by that stop.

myStop© via text:
Text "CT" and your bus stop number to 321123.
For example: if you are at Stop 1405, text CT1405 to 321123.

myStop© by phone:
Dial 570-207-5055 and follow the prompts to enter the Stop ID.