Bus Shelter Ads

Bus shelter ad

We offer advertising on our shelters located throughout Lackawanna County. All ads must be approved by COLTS. All feature interior and exterior panel ad locations.

Bus Shelter Pricing Options and Details     

Current Shelter Locations:

  1. Scranton: Wyoming Ave. at Mulberry St.
  2. Scranton: Providence Road in front of Scranton High School
  3. Scranton: 100 block of Wyoming (on Oppenheim Building side)
  4. Scranton: 100 block of Wyoming Ave. (in front of Lackawanna County Government Center or former Globe Store)
  5. Scranton:  Lackawanna Avenue in front of Radisson Hotel
  6. Scranton: North Washington Ave. at Pine St.
  7. Dickson City: Viewmont Mall (near Applebee’s Entrance)
  8. Dickson City: 375 Main St. (new shelter)
  9. Dunmore: North Blakely St./O’Neill Highway across from Burger King
  10. Blakely: 101 Main St. at Dr. Scanland’s (at Blakely Corners, across from anchor and Rite-Aid) (new shelter)   
  11. Dunmore: Blakely St. at St. Joe’s (in front of Police Station)
  12. Archbald: Main St. in front of Post Office and NBT Bank (new shelter)
  13. Jermyn: 142 Washington Ave. at entrance to Wright Center (new shelter)
Bus Shelter Ad
Bus Shelter Ad
Bus Shelter Ad