The decision to keep buses on Snow Routes all day will be decided on a case by case basis dependent on the weather.

#12 Jessup: North Washington Ave. to Green Ridge St. to Blakely St. to regular route to the bottom of Church St. in Jessup.

#13 Drinker / Marywood Saturday: Outbound: Lackawanna to Left on Adams turns into North Washington to Marywood back to Washington Left on Electric to Drinker.  Inbound: Drinker Street to Blakely to Green Ridge to North Washington to regular.                

#18 Petersburg: Regular route to Prescott Ave. and Mulberry St. (at Turkey Hill) and turn around.

#21 Lake Scranton / Oakmont: Regular route to Moosic St. to right on Meadow Ave. to River St., then turn around in the Salvation Army parking lot.

#25 Valley View / Hilltop: Use the regular route to South Webster Ave and Brook St., then right on Brook St. to left on Prospect Ave., to left on Cherry St. to South Webster Ave.; no service to Valley View Terrace or Hilltop Manor.

#28 Pittston: No Rocky Glen Roadno Williams St; no Golden Technologies; Out of Birney Plaza, Right on Birney Ave turns into Main street end of the line Pittston Plaza. 

#31 Old Forge / Stauffer: Use the regular route to N. 9th (Robinson) to Cabrini Ave. to 10th to Washburn to S. Main; right on Sussex Street Right on Marion Street Right on Oak Street Left on Main. 

#32 Express: Use the regular route to N. 9th (Robinson) to Cabrini Ave. to 10th to Washburn to S. Main

#36 Lafayette Route: Lackawanna to N. 9th (Robinson) to Cabrini Ave. to 10th to Washburn; no Lafayette St.

#40 Luzerne / Providence: morning and afternoon trips end at Cherry St. and South Webster Ave.; use Lackawanna, left on 9th, left on Cabrini, left on 10th, right on Washburn 

#41 High Works: No service on Ferdinand or Theodore Street, no service to Allied Services, no Morgan Complex. Regular route to Main Ave. to Oak St. to Keyser Ave to Keyser Oak Shopping Center 

#43 Viewmont / Bangor: Regular route to Bangor Heights, then straight on Kelly St. to left on Kennedy St., to left on Edith Ave. to left on Mary St. to right on Kelly St., and back to regular route. 

#52 Carbondale: No service to Fallbrook

#54 Dickson City via North Main Ave: Regular route into Mount Pleasant Drive; bus exits on Linden Ave. to 7th to Lackawanna Ave. to N. 9th (Robinson) to Cabrini Ave. to 10th to Washburn to South Main to regular route.

#55 Shopper Special: Regular route into Wegman’s. Straight out of Wegman’s down commerce Blvd Right turn into Target/Walmart Plaza back to the regular route

*Routes can be modified based on the severity of road conditions

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